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Meet our Artists. Each has their own style and specialized technique that makes their jewelry different.  Take your time and look around. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Our Artists


Designing and Making Jewelry is My Passion

I discovered my passion and talent for designing and making jewelry about 3 years ago. Since that time, I have made and sold dozens of pieces.  I have collaborated with clients to design and make numerous, meaningful, customized pieces. If a special request is made, I am able to quickly visualize the design and the best materials needed to make the requested jewelry. I am a perfectionist-my jewelry is made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. Whether you want a simple ring or the newest family heirloom, I would love to design a piece for you.


Sandra Rae

My Greatest Pleasure Is The Joy My Jewelry Brings To My Clients.

11 years ago I went on a successful gem mining adventure. I then learned how to turn my finds into beautiful gems I could set in jewelry. I was hooked. I went on to learn silver and metalsmithing.  Today, I love making  jewelry using techniques and tools that have been used by artisans for decades.  I enjoy the challenge of using multiple types of metal in my pieces such as silver, copper, bronze and brass to make one of a kind jewelry. My greatest pleasure comes at the looks of joy, confidence and empowerment I see on the faces of my client's when they put on one of my pieces the first time. 

Sandra Rae


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